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Meet Fontdue

Published by Tom Conroy

Today, we’re excited to announce Fontdue, the project our small team has been quietly building for the last couple of years. Fontdue is making it easier than ever to start and run a type foundry.

When our friend Stéphane Elbaz approached us to build the website for General Type Studio, we knew from experience that these websites have particular, complex requirements. We searched for existing technology that would do the heavy-lifting while allowing us to customize the look-and-feel, and it simply didn’t exist.

We quickly realized that this is the biggest hurdle for starting and running an independent type foundry. We believe that type foundries don’t want to be spending time and money maintaining websites. We also believe you shouldn’t have to settle for reaping only a fraction of the revenue of sales that major marketplaces pay out in royalties.

The solution

Fontdue removes this hurdle by providing the tools you need to run a foundry with no upfront cost, and a pricing model that scales to your size. We take care of running and maintaining the technology so that you can focus on designing and marketing your typefaces.

What’s next

We’ve laid the groundwork: our early alpha customers have been successfully running on Fontdue over the past year, and we have a roadmap of features yet to build that will empower foundries to grow to their full potential.

Our ambition is to completely change the landscape of font retail by empowering independent foundries. Join us on this journey by signing up to our mailing list and you’ll receive an invite to the beta when it’s ready later this year.